My Skin Care Routine & Products

For the past 6 months I have made some significant lifestyle changes and modifications that have helped me transform my skin. One of the biggest, and probably most challenging, modifications I made is going dairy free.

I’m the type of person to wake up Monday morning and tell myself “this week I am going to drink a green juice every day before coffee.” I stick with it Monday and Tuesday, maybe Wednesday or Thursday I drink it around noon after my second cup of coffee, and then when Friday rolls around I’ve already dumped the rest of the weekend’s juices down the drain because I just can’t commit. 

Same thing with going dairy free…I struggled for the longest time going dairy free. Why? Because ya girl loves ice cream. I literally have an obsession with ice cream — and it doesn’t help that my boyfriend is an employee at my favorite ice cream shop, Salt & Straw, and brings me my favorite flavors every time he works.

I’d eat as dairy free as I could, but then eat cheese with my pizza, or go out for a vanilla latte and still get milk and whip because “why not”. But my “why nots” became a habit of exceptions and those exceptions turned me into always having dairy and never actually being dairy free.

Finally, when I was able to commit for like 3 weeks, I started to see some change. And those changes were enough the motivation for me to feel confident in my skin. And that confidence eventually over shadowed my nightly scoop of ice cream. After experiencing my skin dairy free and getting a taste of what it was like to have less texture and a brighter complexation, I was more motivated to stick with more significant changes to my everyday life.

Now, after 6 months of slowly transforming my lifestyle into something more whole food and plant based, I am happier and healthier than ever. Not only does my skin look and feel better, so does my body.

For me at least, my hormone and skin issues stemmed from my body overall being unhappy. It need more fruits and veggies and less processed or greasy food. I needed new healthy habits that supported my skin and body.

Listening to my body and learning about the cause and effect of each specific thing I put on and into my body is really what helped me transform my skin.

Nighttime Routine

  • I always start my nighttime routine by using micellar cleansing water to take off any makeup or products I had previously wore that day.
  • I then double wash my face by rinsing my face with warm water to help soften my skin and open up my pores. I then wash my face with super gentle cleanser (anything that doesn’t strip your skin or exfoliate too much) I use Nubian Heritage African Black Soap. Rinse. And wash my face again — hence the double wash lol
    • I can’t remember where I found this trick, but it supposedly helps open up your pores and give your skin an extra deep cleanse. Whether it’s actually scientifically proven or not, it works for me.
  • If my skin is dry or lacking that natural inner glow I so desperately want, I apply my green goop. Green goop is what I call Dr. Christopher’s Bone and Tissue Ointment. I apply my green goop an  hour or so before I go to bed so it has some time to sink into my skin and doesn’t immediately get rubbed off during my tossing and turning
    • This stuff is also really amazing in helping reduce the appearance of scars. I applied green goop to a gnarly 3 year old scar I got from a curling iron, and it’s practically gone now. The scar used to have texture and darkness around it, but today, it’s the same texture and (almost) same color as my skin — you can barely tell it’s there.
      •  If you have any sort of scar or dark pigmentation, I would recommend applying this at night and then covering with a sock or long sleeve shirt to help it really soak in at night. Within a month you will definitely see a reduction in whatever you are trying to minimize.
      • Lastly, green goop works wonders on healing tattoos and sunburns. It not only helps with pain, it moisturizes, and expediates healing. I applied this on both of my tattoos the same day I got them done and I didn’t peel, itch, or scab, and I was fully healed in less than a week.
  • On nights I don’t use the green goop, I apply around 2 drops of UFO (Sunday Riley’s U.F.O Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil ). This stuff isn’t cheap, but it works wonders (for me) and is one of few products I own that I think is worth the price. If you are someone that struggles with black heads or those obnoxious bumps/ clogged pores on your forehead– you will love this!!

Morning Routineimg_8998

  • I typically shower in the morning because I love to wake myself up with a hot shower. When I do shower in the morning I don’t wash or scrub my face; in fact I try my best to keep it dry and out of the water. I do this because I love the feel and look of luminosity my skin soaking up the UFO or green goop from the night before
  • If my skin is dry and needs a little extra moisture, I apply some of my favorite hypoallergic, fragrance free lotion, Vanicream Lite.
    • This stuff is incredible because it’s free of everything that could potentially irritate or clog your pores AND is super hydrating. It’s a very thick lotion so a little goes along way. I use this stuff all over my body and on top of sun burns or dry spots because its not irritating and helps hydrate and heal any sort of skin issues.

Daytime Routine


Since I don’t wash my face in the morning, I almost always wash my face before I work out. I really hate the feeling of having stuff on my face when I work out or sweat. I wash my face with PanOxyl, a 10% benzo-peroxide wash that helps stop the formation of pimples, but also helps get rid of any you already have. Be sure to apple a dab of Vanicream lite after using PanOxyl because it will strip your skin of its natural oil and leave you feeling dry and tight.

  • This product is also really great for any other part of your body prone to breakouts. I occasionally breakout really badly on my back, so I use this stuff when I get a break out and it significantly reduces the number of pimples I form and reduces the duration of my breakout.
  • After a workout I won’t wash my face with any soaps or anything other than water. I always rinse my face with warm water to remove any sweat or dirt I have leftover from a workout. I don’t like washing my face after a workout because I wash my face so intensely right before bed, I don’t want to over wash my face and strip too many natural, essential oils.
    • If my face is dry from workout and rinsing it with water I will apply a dash of Vanicream lite to help give my skin some hydration and elasticity back.

Skin Transforming Foods

Left to Right: Green Antioxidant, Maca, Spirulina



  • Maca Powder
    • Balances hormones
    • Helps with mental health and wellness
      • Google maca powder benefits or check out for more information
  • Spirulina Powder
    • Increased alertness and energy
    • Helps skin heal by turning over skin cells quickly
    • Eliminates breakout toxins
      • Google spirulina powder benefits or check out for more information
  • Green Antioxidant Powder
    • Antioxidants help fight against free radicals
    • Detox and gut supporting ingredients
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (Trader Joes, Safeway, or Costco)
    • Acts like a probiotic — promotes good gut health a healthy gut is essential for clear skin
    • Helps my body feel good — when my body feels good, my mind is at ease
      • Less stress you have = less breakouts you have too!
        • Google apple cider vinegar benefits or check out for more information


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