I Tried the KonMari Method and This is What Happened

Chapman has a lot of stuff… treats, toys, accessories, leashes, beds etc. I know it, Chapman knows it, and so does everyone else who walks in my apartment and says “wow that’s a lot of dog stuff.”

Well, after watching a few episodes of Netflix’s new show Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, I decided to put her methods to the test and slim down some of Chapman’s stuff.

Marie Kondo and the KonMari Method

The KonMari Method was developed by organizational specialist Marie Condo, centered around the idea of animism and that everything has a spiritual essence. Traditional organization techniques are used under the assumption that everything deserves to stay. You have to convince yourself that it doesn’t deserve to take up space in your life.

On the other hand, the KonMari Method is centered around joy, and the idea that the thing that is taking up space has to negotiate its right to belong there.

Start by collecting everything you own, and separate it into categorical piles. By looking at the piles, you will start to see, and feel deep in your soul, how much stuff you have and how the majority of it is unnecessary.

You then continue to go through each pile by picking up each item, one by one, and ask yourself “does this thing bring me joy?” Kondo says if it does, you will know deep in your heart and body that it deserves to stay, but if it doesn’t you are able to part with the item by thanking it and kindly discarding it.

We Put the KonMari Method to the Test

Chapman and I separated and categorized all of his stuff.

We then went through each item from each pile, held them, and search our souls and asked ourselves if each item brought us joy.

After we went through the process with every item from every pile we ended up with the piles looking exactly the same, and that’s because when I held each of the items in my hand and asked myself if the item brought me joy, the answer is yes. A hard YES.

I have such fond, vibrant memories with each of Chapman’s toys. Chapman is the light of my life and playing together makes both of us so happy. Chap is also the type of dog to play with anything… the torn up, broken squeaker from a toy, the fuzz from a stuffed animal, or the remnants of a rubber ducky. He finds so much joy playing with anything he can find in his toy box.

Moral of the story…. The KonMari Method is very effective just as long as long as you don’t have an unhealthy attachment to the things in which you are trying to downsize.


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